ACE Annual Meeting 2022

August 9, 2022

The first in-person ACE Annual Meeting since the start of the pandemic attracted several hundred members to the brunch, held Saturday, June 18 at The Garland in North Hollywood. ACE President Kevin Tent, ACE, presided over the meeting, which opened with video from sponsor Adobe and also included a video montage introducing many of ACE’s newest full and affiliate members, as well as new members of the ACE International Partnership Program (for their names, see the news pages in this issue and recent issues). Committee reports are now available online.

Additionally, Tent introduced ACE interns McKenna Cook and Catherine Goohs. Cook was on hand to read reflections and thanks from the pair, which follow. ACE Annual Meeting During the June 18 brunch, new members were introduced, and ACE’s latest interns reflected on their experiences



Reflections from McKenna Cook

I have been obsessed with television and cinema from a young age. I was lucky; while other kids had limited time in front of the television, my father encouraged me to explore the world through moving pictures.

My fascination with dinosaurs began with Jurassic Park, my desire to explore was spurred on by Indiana Jones. Some of my best jokes were stolen from Seinfeld, though most other 8 year olds had no idea what a George Costanza was or why he was my comedic hero.

At 16, I discovered the art of editing. I immediately knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. From then on, I would scan credits for editors and often noticed the letters “ACE” after their names. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I would be lucky enough to count myself among the

My time as an intern for ACE has been one of the best and most surreal experiences of my life. One of the biggest lessons I learned during the internship was the importance of the relationship between an assistant and their editor. This was a through line in every cutting room, and began with the lecture series. I would like to thank every panelist for sharing their wisdom with me and my peers. The editors and assistants I met in the cutting rooms imparted invaluable wisdom to me. Their advice is something I continually return to and lean on every day.

One of my favorite aspects of the internship was the variety of rooms and facilities we had the privilege to visit. I had the freedom to explore the world of features, television and animation. We walked the halls of FotoKem and sat in on a mix session at Smart Post Sound. I was able to gain an understanding of many different parts of this industry, and I realize that is a gift many do not get to experience. This has allowed me to choose a path quickly and decisively.

This internship challenged me and pushed the limits of what I thought I was capable of – but most importantly, it taught me that the people I meet throughout my career are the heart of it all. I made lasting relationships, from friends to mentors. That, in itself, is invaluable.

I am pleased to say that I have joined the union as an assistant editor and am assisting the incredible Amelia Allwarden on Daisy Jones and the Six for Amazon and Hello Sunshine. Thank you again to the Internship Committee and everyone at ACE. And a special thank you to my mentor, John Axelrad, ACE. You pushed me to be my best self, and your constant support means the world to me.

Reflections from Catherine Goohs

Like McKenna, I, too, developed an early fascination with filmmaking and love for story. The best part of the week growing up was going to Blockbusters with my family and debating with my siblings about which VHS tape we could take home next. This later would become a game of bumping Netflix DVD choices higher in the queue and evolved into well-researched arguments of what show to stream. I could never get enough of the magic of film, the feeling of entering another life, another world through the blending of sight and sound. My brothers still tease me with what has become my catchphrase: “How did they film that?”

I discovered my love for editing thanks to the wonders of iMovie circa 2005, whereby I’d cut silly videos of my siblings for the sheer joy of it. This passion followed me through the years and grew so deep that it led me to turn away from a career in medicine to one where I found I could innately be happy – affecting lives with storytelling in the cutting room. I received my degree in neuroscience and it has served me well in better understanding editing, for what is editing if not conducting the way we perceive, or even empathize with, through sound and picture?

It sounds exaggerated, but I genuinely feel that the ACE internship has changed my life. The many post professionals I’ve met during my time as an intern have given me not onpractical skills about technique, organization and best software practices. They have also helped me develop how I see the art of editing and the significance of ownership, serving the story and fostering a community.

I am humbled to have met such an immense group of wonderful people through this program, and I am sincerely grateful for all the time that was taken to help me learn how to be a great assistant editor. Clear communication, a positive attitude and checking in about priorities are only a few of the fundamental tools I use daily. By allowing McKenna and myself the opportunity to witness different kinds of cutting rooms and engage with not only assistant editors and editors, but PAs, producers, directors and technicians, I can honestly say that we move forward with a great deal of knowledge about the entire process of filmmaking, ready to assist in telling some great stories. It makes me so happy to learn more everyday about “how they filmed that”!

I am excited to say that since the internship, I have joined the union and just wrapped my first union project with my newest mentor, Aziza Ngozi, on the comedy feature, Empire Waist. Next, you can find me assisting the wonderful Piper Kroeze on Quantum Leap with NBC.

The ACE internship was one of the most challenging and exceptional experiences I had the honor of participating in. I’d like to give my greatest thanks to the teams at The Walking Dead, Chevalier, Westworld and Wonderwall for opening their doors to me and allowing me to ask a deafening amount of questions, to the Internship Board for all of their support and guidance throughout this process, and most especially, to Maura Corey, ACE, whose mentorship and kindness I carry to this day. Thank you.


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