HBO – Curb Your Enthusiasm, Insecure & Succession
Moderator: Dirk Blackman, Screenwriter/Producer  
Ken Eluto, ACE, Editor, Succession: “DC”
Nena Erb, ACE, Editor, Insecure: “Lowkey Trying”
Bill Henry, Editor, Succession: “This Is Not For Tears”
Steve Rasch, ACE, Editor, Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Elizabeth, Margaret And Larry”



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ACE EditFest 2022

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Susana Benaim- 2022 EFG Breakout Session

Susana Benaim- 2022 EFG Breakout Session

ACE presents the Breakout Room Session featuring Kirk Baxter, ACE, editor of “The Social Network, Mank” Moderated by Megan Keen (Adobe) for ACE EditFest 2021.