From The Vault

Editing legends of the past 25 years, presented by Allan Holzman, ACE

Panel title: “Pilots/Series Premieres”

Join Moderator: Jim Hemphill, filmmaker with Emmy®-nominated panelists:

  1. Mikaela ShwerEditor – Allen v. Farrow”, Episode 101, “Episode 1”
  2. Jessica Brunetto, Editor – “Hacks”, Episode 101. “There Is No Line (Pilot)”
  3. Amy E. Duddleston, ACE, Editor –  Mare of Easttown”, Episode 101,“Miss Lady Hawk Herself”, Episode 102, “Fathers
  4. Heather Persons, Editor –  The Flight Attendant”, Episode 101, “In Case of Emergency”,
From the Vault – United 93

From the Vault – United 93

UNITED 93 edited by Christopher Rouse, ACE and Richard Pearson, ACE, directed by Paul Greengrass, Invisible Art/Visible Artists 2007. Presented by Allan Holzman, ACEMore...Explore Your Favorite...

From the Vault – Terry Rawlings, ACE

From the Vault – Terry Rawlings, ACE

The clips of Terry Rawling are from his Lifetime Achievement Interview, shot in the Alfred HItchcock Theater on the day he received the award Feb 19, 2006 at Universal Studios. Editor of ALIEN, BLADERUNNER, CHARIOTS OF FIRE. These videos are provided by Allan Holzman,...

From the Vault – Dede Allen, ACE

From the Vault – Dede Allen, ACE

The first release “From the Vault” is a video interview with DEDE ALLEN, ACE at the INVISIBLE ART/VISIBLE ARTISTS 2001 event. EDITOR OF WONDER BOYS, BONNIE AND CLYDE, LITTLE BIG MAN, BREAKFAST CLUB. This will be a monthly feature provided by Allan Holzman, ACE....

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August 28th & 29th, 2021

AND OVER 20 Breakout Rooms, lead by Editors like...

  • Julio Perez IV, ACE - Euphoria
  • Dana Glauberman, ACE - Mandelorian
  • Yana Gorskaya, ACE - What We Do in the Shadows
  • Molly Shock, ACE - Top Chef All Stars, Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars
  • Mikkel E.G. Nielsen – Sound of Metal - 2021 Oscar Winner
  • Charles Little II, ACE – 911 Lone Star
  • Stephen Rivkin, ACE – Avatar
  • Lillian Benson, ACE – Chicago Med, Maya Angelou And Still I Rise
  • Josie Azzam & Susan E Kim - Sally Menke Fellowship Discussion
  • and many many more...