Panel title: “Pilots/Series Premieres”

Join Moderator: Jim Hemphill, filmmaker with Emmy®-nominated panelists:

  1. Mikaela ShwerEditor – Allen v. Farrow”, Episode 101, “Episode 1”
  2. Jessica Brunetto, Editor – “Hacks”, Episode 101. “There Is No Line (Pilot)”
  3. Amy E. Duddleston, ACE, Editor –  Mare of Easttown”, Episode 101,“Miss Lady Hawk Herself”, Episode 102, “Fathers
  4. Heather Persons, Editor –  The Flight Attendant”, Episode 101, “In Case of Emergency”,
From the Vault – Stephen Mirrione, ACE

From the Vault – Stephen Mirrione, ACE

For the New Year!  Stephen Mirrione, ACE discusses "Traffic" at IAVA. Winner of 4 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Writer, Best Editor.​ (5m), Courtesy Allan HolzmanMore...Explore Your Favorite...

From the Vault – Stephen Mirrione, ACE

From the Vault – Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE

A HOLIDAY GIFT...ENJOY!  Three time Academy Award winning film editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE, discusses her editing of AVIATOR and THE DEPARTED from Invisible Art/Visible Artists panels in 2005 and IAVA 2007. She earned Academy Awards for both films​.   Courtesy...

From the Vault – Stephen Mirrione, ACE

From the Vault – Petro Scalia, ACE

Petro Scalia, ACE  - Editor, "Gladiator", Invisible Art/Visible Artists (IAVA) Panel, 2001 (5m), Courtesy Allan HolzmanMore...Explore Your Favorite TopicsEditFestTechnologyInterviewsMoviesNewsCinemaEditorMagTelevisionEditors On EditingInternationalAll Videos

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August 28th & 29th, 2021

AND OVER 20 Breakout Rooms, lead by Editors like...

  • Julio Perez IV, ACE - Euphoria
  • Dana Glauberman, ACE - Mandelorian
  • Yana Gorskaya, ACE - What We Do in the Shadows
  • Molly Shock, ACE - Top Chef All Stars, Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars
  • Mikkel E.G. Nielsen – Sound of Metal - 2021 Oscar Winner
  • Charles Little II, ACE – 911 Lone Star
  • Stephen Rivkin, ACE – Avatar
  • Lillian Benson, ACE – Chicago Med, Maya Angelou And Still I Rise
  • Josie Azzam & Susan E Kim - Sally Menke Fellowship Discussion
  • and many many more...