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Cuts We Love
Netflix’s “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”

In this special edition of Cuts We Love, Adrian Pennington discusses “Dahmer – Monster” with Stephanie Filo, ACE — one of the four editors on the series. The idea of Cuts We Love is not to cover the craft of the whole show but to dissect just one scene. The scene they’ve chosen for this ACE EditFest Global Sneak Peek is from episode 4 “The Good Boy Box” where Dahmer had gone quiet for nine years without a murder. This scene is one of the only scenes where you enter into his perspective when he accidentally drugs himself. Stephanie explains how the scenes, audio layering, playback speed and pacing illustrate confusion. She also delves into the process and decisions that helped form the editing of this psychological scene.


Cuts We Love: “Beef”

Cuts We Love: “Beef”

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Cuts We Love  “Stand and Deliver” video

Cuts We Love “Stand and Deliver” video

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Cuts We Love – “Moneyball” video

Cuts We Love – “Moneyball” video

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Cuts We Love – Deja Vu Video

Cuts We Love – Deja Vu Video

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