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Allan Holzman ACE | Ang Lee | Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon | From the Vault | Tim Squyres ACE

Tim Squyres, ACE has enjoyed a long collaboration with Taiwanese director Ang Lee, including Life of Pi, The wedding Blanket, Sense and Sensibility, and Eat Drink Man Water. Donn Cambern, ACE, former President of the Editors Guild moderates. Nancy Richardson, ACE asks a question from the audience at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theater in 2001.

Courtesy of Allan Holzman, ACE

From the Vault – “CRASH”

From the Vault – “CRASH”

Released by Lionsgate Films, CRASH received three Academy Awards: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, the ACE Eddie, nine BAFTA nominations with two BAFTA Awards including Best Supporting Actress for Melanie Thandiwe Newton, and the SAG Award for Best Cast. Alan...

From the Vault – “Precious”

From the Vault – “Precious”

PRECIOUS received 6 Academy Award nominations including, Best Picture, Best Director for Lee Daniels, and Best Editor for Joe Klotz, ACE. Geoffrey Flechter became the first African American to win Best Adapted Screenplay. PRECIOUS is based on PUSH by Sapphire) and...

From the Vault – “Collateral”

From the Vault – “Collateral”

In addition to their Academy Award nomination, JIm Miller and Paul Rubell's editing of COLLATERAL produced and directed by Michael Mann, was honored by nominations for the ACE Eddie Award, BAFTA Award for Best Editing, and the Satellite Award for Best Editing, which...

From the Vault – “Babel”

From the Vault – “Babel”

BABEL received Academy Awards nominations for Best Picture, Best Director (Alejandro González Iñárritu), in addition to Best Film Editing for Stephen Mirrione, ACE and Douglas Crise, ACE, who were also honored with the ACE Eddie Award. Stephen Mirrione, ACE previously...

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